When running in 64-bit kernel mode with DTXA adapters, errors are encountered when trying to start Blueworx Voice Response because the Blueworx Voice Response device drivers fail to load. The voice adapter cards fail to change to the available state and the following error message is seen when cfgmgr is run:
Method error (/usr/lib/methods/cfgdtdd -o -p): 0514-038 Error loading kernel extension.

The error message is also displayed in similar circumstances when using DTNA, DTEA, or DTTA adapters prior to the installation of devices.iop_rpq U817181 at fix level plus the following:

  • dirTalk.DT.rte U817180

  • devices.dirTalk.artic960.ucode U817178

  • devices.dirTalk.artic960.rte U817031


The Blueworx Voice Response device drivers for DTXA adapters are 32-bit only, and do not run on a 64-bit kernel.

Prior to the installation of devices.iop_rpq U817181 at fix level and the related updates, all Blueworx Voice Response device drivers were 32-bit only.


Resolving the problem

The 32-bit kernel must be used with DTXA adapters.

The following commands check the current and available settings:
# bootinfo -K Indicates the kernel you are using.
# bootinfo -y Lists what your hardware supports.

To go back to 32-bit if the system is set to 64-bit:
# ln -sf /usr/lib/boot/unix_mp /unix
# ln -sf /usr/lib/boot/unix_mp /usr/lib/boot/unix
# bosboot -ad /dev/ipldevice
# shutdown -Fr


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