How do you replace a DTTA in an LPAR without shutting down the system unit?


The current hardware manual for the Digital Trunk Telephony Adapter (DTTA) specifies that the system unit must be powered off in order to replace or perform maintenance on any of the DTTA adapters in that system unit.

With the advent of LPAR (Logical Partitioning) it may be desirable to leave the machine running in some partitions whilst performing service on one or more DTTA adapters being used in an LPAR running only Blueworx Voice Response. pSeries machines which support 'hot-swap' PCI adapters make this possible using the following procedure:

  1. Shut down Blueworx Voice Response in the affected partition.
  2. Pull out the system unit or drawer containing the DTTAs for that partition and/or remove machine covers.
  3. If more than one DTTA is in use for the LPAR, carefully remove the H.100 connecting cable.
  4. Use the smitty command and Devices -> PCI Hot-Plug manager to take the affected adapter out of service.
  5. Carefully extract the adapter from the PCI slot and replace if required.
  6. Use the smitty PCI Hot-Plug Manager to bring the PCI adapter back into service.
  7. Replace the H.100 cable.
  8. Restart Blueworx Voice Response in the affected partition.