After upgrading to a new version of AIX, the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX shell script DTSNMPD_START does not run correctly. Error 26003 is generated in the errorlog and the following error is seen in the DTstatus.out output file:

dtuser:/usr/lpp/dirTalk/sw/bin> ./DTSNMPD_START
dtuser:/usr/lpp/dirTalk/sw/bin> dtsnmpd: ---- dtsnmpd control
information ----
dtsnmpd: alarm array size = 200
dtsnmpd: traps = disabled
dtsnmpd: summary traps = disabled
dtsnmpd: alarm per trap = inactive (20)
dtsnmpd: alarm interval = inactive (5 secs)
dtsnmpd: --------------------------------------
dtsnmpd: text2obj(directTalk6000) failed:

dtsnmpd: error DTAInitializeObjects failed text2obj(

dtsnmpd: shutdown complete at 08/26 09:29:31


The MIB definitions that existed previously have been overwritten by the AIX upgrade

Resolving the problem

Rerun the DTsnmpd.cfg shell script. This updates the MIB definition file /etc/mibs.def. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Installation manual.