Secure RTP session parameters support



Blueworx Voice Response now supports some optional Secure RTP crypto session parameters.


Blueworx Voice Response now provides partial support for optional crypto session parameters (RFC 4568 section 6.3). This support is enabled when Secure RTP has been configured for either Secure or Both (using System Configuration -> VoiP DTEA and DTNA Media -> RTP Security Negotiation).

The following session parameters are fully supported:

All other session parameters are parsed but are not supported. Any crypto lines containing the unsupported parameters are ignored and treated as unsuitable matches.

If there are no other suitable matches (which can be either unsecured RTP/AVP, or crypto attributes with supported session parameters) the SDP is rejected. This will result in a SIP response of 488 Not Acceptable Here.

Session parameters will never be presented on outbound SIP requests/responses. This includes outbound INVITE (place a call or on hold requests) and responses to OPTIONS.