Configuration for Blueworx Voice Response VRBE logs


Are there any guidelines on how to set the dtj.ini parameters for the VRBE environment logs?



This configuration file for VRBE environment can be found under $DTJ_HOME directory when logging as Blueworx Voice Response user. parameter

This dtj.ini parameter defines the output directory for VRBE environment log files.

The default value of is /var/dirTalk/DTBE/dtj_logs.

log.filesize parameter

This parameter defines the maximum file size in Kbytes for the log.n.log files. When the maximum file size is reached, Blueworx Voice Response will write output for VRBE logging to the next file in the rotation list. The number of files in the rotation list is defined by log.numberoflogs.

The default value of log.filesize is 5000.

log.numberoflogs parameter

This parameter defines the maximum number of log.n.log files that Blueworx Voice Response will rotate for logging output.

The default value of log.numberoflogs is 10.

It is recommended that you set this parameter to a number greater than 1 to avoid any potential loss of log events when the maximum file size defined by log.filesize is reached.