Addition of support for sending and receiving DISPLAY tag, including attributes DISPLAY.INF and DISPLAY. TYPES


Call transfers type RLT and Two B Channel Transfer can now automatically forward a DISPLAY IE to the transferee if it was present on the original incoming call.

The definition of the new ISDN tag is as follows:

Display as ASCII characters

Max length is 17 characters

Any IA5 Characters

Valid Attributes 
DISPLAY.INF (must be present)
DISPLAY.TYPE (must be present)

Valid usage
Inbound call in SV542
Outbound MakeCall in SV541, to send a display information element in the setup message.

Attribute Definitions
Format: ASCII numeric characters
Supported values: 0-7
ITU meaning:
1 = Requested
3 = Included

Format: ASCII numeric characters
Supported values: 0-15
ITU meaning:
1 = Calling party name
2 = Connected party name
5 = Original called party name

Note: The display tag is supported only on the DMSNAT NT DMS100 version of WVR ISDN. This applies to the DMS National switch variants NA007 - NA0017 .