Overcoming error_id 27010 with partial trunk configurations


Sometimes after pack configuring a partial CAS protocol trunk (for example, 12 channels on a T1 FXS/LS trunk) the red alarm 27010 (Pack enablement failed) occurs when Blueworx Voice Response is started and the trunk enabled.


Red alarm 27010 occurs when enabling a partially configured trunk (a T1 trunk with less than 24 channels or E1 trunk with less than 30 channels).


First time through, not all channels of a partially configured trunk are initialised properly. Unused channels (those not included in the partial trunk channel group configuration) can give rise to a 27010 error (Pack enablement failed / channel group is not initialised for channel).

This device driver error occurs because of the need to initialise all channels in a trunk for signalling even though all are not included in the channel group.


Initial configuration of trunks after installing software.

Diagnosing the problem

The 27010 error occurs only when enabling a partially configured trunk. Whole trunks (24 channels T1, 30 channels E1) on the same system can be enabled without this error.

Resolving the problem

To avoid this problem, reconfigure the trunk (Configuration -> Pack Configuration -> Change) to include ALL channels of the trunk in the channel group. Save the configuration and shut down Blueworx Voice Response (DT_shutdown). Restart Blueworx Voice Response and change the pack configuration back to the desired partial trunk configuration. On re-start the 27010 error should now be avoided since the unused channels of the partial trunk are correctly initialised.