(DTJ1007569) exception caused by TCP hostname resolution


Voice Recognition request failed with exception on remote host response timeout


BVR dtjflog output shows an error message like:

(DTJ1007569) WARNING:  Problem encountered while fetching recording        
utterance: com.ibm.telephony.directtalk.mrcp.MRCPException: Waveform
fetcher: Socket I/O problem: java.net.ConnectException: A remote host
did not respond within the timeout period.


BVR can not resolve the speech server's hostname.


In the BVR configuration file $DTJ_DIR/default.cff, the RecoService entry is setup like this:

InitSessionString=URI=rtsp://[IP address]/media/recognizer

The RecoService is defined with IP address rather than hostname.

Diagnosing the problem

BVR is not able to resolve the speech server's hostname

ping [hostname of speech server]

command returns timeout.

Resolving the problem

Even though the default.cff has the speech server defined with an IP address, BVR still requires the speech server's hostname to be resolvable. Correct the TCP/IP connection issue in the DNS or local TCP/IP configuration.