The file size of /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/db2dump/db2diag.log can grow up to the AIX system limit, while both Blueworx Voice Response and DB2 appear to still be running normally.


High levels of errors are being generated from the DB2 database manager because the diagnostic level is incorrectly set.

Resolving the problem

To check the current setting for the level of diagnostic error that is reported:
  1. Login as BVR user (default is 'dtuser')
  2. Enter the following command to check the database manager configuration:
    $ db2 get dbm cfg | grep DIAGLEVEL

If the current value for DIAGLEVEL is greater than 3, you should reset it back to the default level of 3 as follows:
  1. Shutdown Blueworx Voice Response by entering the command DT_shutdown
  2. Change the diagnostic level parameter:
    $ db2 update dbm cfg using DIAGLEVEL 3
  3. Stop and restart DB2 to bring the changed parameter into use:
    $ db2stop
    $ db2start
  4. Restart Blueworx Voice Response