error_id 1 and error_id 25032 caused by an unsupported application design


Application terminates with CHP coredump.


WVR error messages error_id = 1 and error_id = 25032 are reported from the CHP process along with a core file /var/adm/ras/dirTalk/core.CHP


A VXML application invokes a statetable which then invokes another VXML document, giving an application flow like the following:

VXML -> statetable -> ... -> statetable -> VXML

where the route back to VXML is via an invoke statetable action to call JavaApplication.

Resolving the problem

This design is causing the CHP coredump and is not supported. In order to get back to VXML again, the application should be coded to just exit the state tables. The call will naturally end up back in the original VXML application and can then be handed off to the new VXML application through a goto/submit etc.

WVR does support handing a call off to VXML after a statetable but only if the call has not already been in a VXML application. So an application flow like this is supported:

statetable -> VXML (via invoke to JavaApplication)