Blueworx Voice Response for AIX V6.1 Fix Pack details.

Fix Pack 7 contains the following new enhancements:

  • New dtjcache command parameters
    The dtjcache command has been modified to allow three new parameters:
    -age, -olderThan, and -delete.
    Both -age and -olderThan specification flags filter the resources to be expired to be those older than an amount of time (-age) or a specific point (-olderThan). When used on the VoiceXML cache, the -delete flag not only expires the resource but also removes the cached resource from the file system. The default behavior, when a resource is expired from the VoiceXML cache, is to leave the resource on the file system.
  • MRCP failover support
    Support for backup speech recognition and text-to-speech servers has been added so that MRCP speech recognition and text-to-speech can continue in the event of a server failure.
  • Genesys Transfer fallback mechanism
    A new optional TelephonyService configuration parameter CalledNumberType, for use with Genesys I-Server, controls the presentation of the called number. This allows the called number to be presented in the most appropriate way for TDM or SIP calls. It is now also possible to specify that SIP Genesys CTI call transfers are re-routed through WebSphere Voice Response if for some reason a transfer operation using Genesys CTI cannot be completed satisfactorily.

Fix Pack 6 contains the following new enhancements: 

  • Maximum channel capacity of a machine doubled
    Using DTNA and Voip/SIP, the number of Blueworx Voice Response LPARs supported per BladeCenter blade or pSeries has been increased from two to four. An appropriate allocation of CPU, memory, storage and Ethernet resources must be assigned to each Blueworx Voice Response LPAR.
  • Improved support for multiple recognition contexts
    Blueworx Voice Response now supports the use of multiple recognition contexts for speech recognition in VoiceXML applications. Unprocessed, ‘raw’ NLSML can also be returned from the Speech Recognition server.
  • Improved speech technology
    Hotword DTMF barge-in is supported when using remote DTMF grammar detection.
  • Updated VRBE Samples
    The sample applications supplied with Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 have been updated to work with Nuance Speech Server or WebSphere Voice Server.

Fix Pack 5 contains the following new enhancements:

  • Turn-based MRCP
    The use of dynamic engine allocation for speech recognition and text-to-speech is now supported. Previously, once used, speech recognition engines and text-to-speech engines were allocated for the duration of a call. Now Speech recognition engines can be allocated only for the duration of each individual speech recognition event while text-to-speech engines can be allocated only for the duration of each text-to-speech period.
  • Trusted Host List
    Blueworx Voice Response now supports the use of an allowed host list of IP addresses from which SIP Requests are accepted