Problem Abstract

Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) notifications are being sent for remote-only configured mailboxes.


When a mailbox is set to vpim_msg_del_pref = 1 (Remote only), a notification message is emailed to the recipient when they receive a new message. However, the system is also sending out an MWI message to the user's phone.

Resolving the problem

Download and install UM PTF fix level, and then use mwi_config with the -R switch to prevent mailboxes with vpim_msg_del_pref set to 1 having MWI turned on. For an example:

mwi_config -R

To show what settings are currently in use on the system:

mwi_config -show

To allow MWI notifications to be sent for remote mailboxes:

mwi_config -any

Note: This also removes the MWI number-length checking specified with -only -l, so you have to set those again.