Unified Messaging for Blueworx Voice Response fix level now includes the ability to redirect the IMC_Stats.log files in $OAM_LOG_PATH.


The location where log files are created is governed using the following additions to $CUR_DIR/ca/ini/IMC_MessageCenter.ini, under XXX_Stats:

where the value of LoggingDirectory is a subdirectory of $OAM_LOG_PATH and LogNameMode is set to 0 (or omitted) for IMC_Stats.log, set to 1 for IMC_Stats_hostname.log, and set to 2 for IMC_Stats_hostname_date.log.

Note that the LoggingDirectory is ALWAYS relative to $OAM_LOG_PATH. If the object of redirecting the logs is to put them on another disc or mount point, it is recommended that either the directory is mounted into $OAM_LOG_PATH, or that a symbolic link to the correct directory is placed in $OAM_LOG_PATH.

The overall length of LoggingDirectory/Name.log cannot exceed 31 characters as a limitation of state table logging. File names longer than this will automatically be shortened, potentially dropping the date and/or hostname if the value of LogNameMode is set to 1 or 2. For this reason it is recommended that the mounted or symlinked directory in $OAM_LOG_PATH have a very short name. Note that the value of $OAM_LOG_PATH and the .log suffix are not included in these 31 characters.

For example, on the machine myexmpl.ibm.com, with the following entries in IMC_MessageCenter.ini:

the log file on the 31st of October 2014 is $OAM_LOG_PATH/logs/IMC_Statsmyexmpl141031.log, omitting the underscores to save on space.

If the machine had a shorter name, such as xmple.ibm.com, the output would be in

Leaving both LoggingDirectory and LogNameMode blank will result in writing out to $OAM_LOG_PATH/IMC_Stats.log as before, so will not effect existing users unless they configure IMC.Stats log redirection themselves.

The FormatStats command automatically derives the configured file name from MessageCenter.ini, or can be supplied with the relevant file as usual.