The Blueworx Voice Response VRBE environment might hang after applying AIX maintenance.


The problem can manifest itself as:

  1. VRBE nodes failing to start.
  2. VRBE applications are not answering incoming calls.
  3. dtjqapps and dtjqnode commands do not complete.
  4. no javacore generated if a kill -3" is sent to the VRBE Java processes.


There is a known Java Application hang condition in the following AIX maintenance levels:

AIX 5.3 TL12 SP3 and SP4 (bos.rte.libpthreads
AIX 6.1 TL05 SP5 and SP6 (bos.rte.libpthreads
AIX 6.1 TL06 SP4 and SP5 (bos.rte.libpthreads and
AIX 6.1 TL07 (bos.rte.libpthreads fileset
AIX 7.1 TL00 SP03 and SP04 (bos.rte.libpthreads
AIX 7.1 TL01 (bos.rte.libpthreads

Resolving the problem

The problem is addressed by the following AIX APARs:

AIX 5.3 TL12 APAR IV07564

AIX 6.1 TL05 APAR IV07839
AIX 6.1 TL07 APAR IV09681

AIX 7.1 TL00 APAR IV11708
AIX 7.1 TL01 APAR IV11709

Note: the AIX 5.3 fix is only available to users of extended support.