Blueworx Voice Response for AIX V6.1 Fix Pack 8 is available (fix level


The Fix Pack contains the following new enhancements:

  • Secure SIP and Secure RTP
    Secure versions of both the SIP and RTP protocol are now able to be configured on Blueworx Voice Response, adding encryption to protect the integrity and confidentiality of messages, and security for SIP communications on non-secure networks like the internet.
  • Register Authentication Challenge Support
    SIP Register now supports the authentication digest challenge mechanism that allows a registrar to identify the registering party and so stop third parties from being able to register as a user. This feature works automatically if your registrar supports it and has it enabled, and can be used independently from Secure SIP.
  • Arbitrary SIP Header Tags Now Accessible In CCXML/VXML
    Blueworx Voice Response can now be configured to pass data from SIP headers of your choice into the application layer, state table, VoiceXML and CCXML.

By default SIP will pass tags such as the TO and REQUEST headers.

This feature allows you to specify headers to pass up to the code - for example, custom SIP
headers used to pass user-to-user information.

Download Information
The Fix Pack 8 PTFs are available on the Blueworx FTP web site:
Download the Fix Pack 8 for BVR V6.1

For more information on the feature enhancements in Fix Pack 8, refer to the Blueworx Product Information Center at the following URLs:

Problem Determination With Secure SIP/RTP
Please note that problem determination for secure SIP/RTP is located within the Voice Over IP using Session Initiation Protocol book rather than the Problem Determination book in the documentation. Please see: http://docs.blueworx.com/BVR/InfoCenter/V6.1/help/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.ibm.wvraix.voip.doc%2Fsipprob.html