Blueworx Voice Response for AIX V6.1 Fix Pack 6 is available (fix level


The Fix Pack contains the following new enhancements:
  • Maximum channel capacity of a machine doubled
    Using DTNA and VoIP/SIP, the number of Blueworx Voice Response LPARs supported per BladeCenter blade or pSeries has been increased from two to four. An appropriate allocation of CPU, memory, storage and Ethernet resources must be assigned to each Blueworx Voice Response LPAR.
  • Improved support for multiple recognition contexts
    Blueworx Voice Response now supports the use of multiple recognition contexts for speech recognition in VoiceXML applications. Unprocessed, ‘raw’ NLSML can also be returned from the Speech Recognition server.
  • Improved speech technology
    Hotword DTMF barge-in is supported when using remote DTMF grammar detection.
  • Updated VRBE Samples
    The sample applications supplied with Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 have been updated to work with Nuance Speech Server or WebSphere Voice Server.

Download Information
The Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 Fix Pack 6 is available at the following link in the Blueworx FTP site:
Download the Fix Pack 6 for Blueworx Voice Response

For more information on the feature enhancements in Fix Pack 6, refer to the Blueworx Product Information Center at the following URLs:

PLEASE NOTE: This fix pack contains updates to the configurable files in $SYS_DIR/voip/: basicList.ini, master.ini and allowedHostList.ini. During installation, it will overwrite any changes made to those files.

PLEASE back up any changes you might have made to these files before installation. They are used in the SIP Register and Allowed Host List features, so this will only affect users who have activated either of those features.

NOTE: If after installing the Fix Pack 6 PTFs the following error is logged in the DTstatus.out window:

E DTJ3138 Configuration database /var/dirTalk/DTBE/native/aix/config.cfd may be from previous release, run dtjconf to refresh

run dtjconf to reload the VRBE configuration.