Blueworx Voice Response for AIX V6.1 Fix Pack 5 is available (fix level


The Fix Pack contains the following new enhancements:
  • Turn-based MRCP
    The use of dynamic engine allocation for speech recognition and text-to-speech is now supported. Previously, once used, speech recognition engines and text-to-speech engines were allocated for the duration of a call. Now Speech recognition engines can be allocated only for the duration of each individual speech recognition event while text-to-speech engines can be allocated only for the duration of each text-to-speech period.
  • Trusted Host List
    Blueworx Voice Response now supports the use of an allowed host list of IP addresses from which SIP Requests are accepted.

Download Information
The Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 Fix Pack 5 is available at the following link in the Blueworx FTP site:
Download the Fix Pack 5 for Blueworx Voice Response

For more information on the feature enhancements in Fix Pack 5, refer to the Blueworx Product Information Center at the following URLs:

NOTE: If after installing the Fix Pack 5 PTFs the following error is logged in the DTstatus.out window:

E DTJ3138 Configuration database /var/dirTalk/DTBE/native/aix/config.cfd may be from previous release, run dtjconf to refresh

then run dtjconf to reload the VRBE configuration.