Blueworx Voice Response for AIX V6.1 Fix Pack 2 is available (fix level


The Fix Pack contains the following new enhancements:
  • Enhanced VoiceXML and CCXML application support for call information - Provide protocol specific tagging information in VXML and CCXML.
  • VRBE Expire Resource Tool - allows a system administrator to manually expire a resource in the VXML, CCXML or Audio caches.
  • Support for SIP Registration - provides support for the SIP registration method described in RFC 3261.
  • New VoIP Signalling - Inbound Call Channel Allocation Method. A new Inbound Call Channel allocation option called "Allocate calls for D2IS" has been added to system configuration to control the channel used for DTNA based calls. This option is for use when using the Genesys-supplied D2IS custom server in a behind-the-switch Genesys Framework implementation.
  • Trombone Custom Server Enhancement - allow called party to pass back a termination value to calling party.
  • VRBE problem determination utility - enables a system administrator to collect a dtbeProblem output (or run any other command) automatically when an error or other message is reported in VRBE.
  • Nuance Certification - BVR V6.1 SpeechClient now supports Nuance at the following component versions:
    NSS (Nuance Speech Server)5.1.2

Download Information
The Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 Fix Pack 2 is available at the following link in the Blueworx FTP site:
Download the Fix Pack 2 for Blueworx Voice Response

For more information on the feature enhancements in Fix Pack 2, refer to the Blueworx Product Information Center - General Information and Planning information at the following URLs: