The latest BVR Fix Updates are available as download links from the Fix Center

Once a Fix Update is selected a page detailing the update and the problems it fixes will appear. This page will also detail if the Fix Update is available within a maintenance level (group of Fix Updates) or as a separate fix update and guide you as to what you need to download and how to do it.

If your system is at a lower level then the Fix Update or Maintenance levels provided provided on this page then earlier maintenance levels (groups) of Fix Updates can be downloaded from the Blueworx Fix Center FTP site:
If the the userid and password for the Blueworx Fix Center FTP site has not been provided to you by Blueworx then please raise a ticket to request it.

Once you have all the Fix Updates you require either as individual Fix Updates or as maintenance levels and individual Fix Updates, decompress and untar them as required into a single directory on the machine you wish to update. Then, having ensured BVR is shutdown, follow the instructions here treating the directory as the CD:

If the smitty operation indicates a "Requisite failure" and the requisites are BVR Fix Updates then take a note of the missing requisites and download the appropriate maintenance level from the Blueworx Fix Center FTP site described above. Decompress and untar as required into the single directory on the machine you wish to update and run the smitty operation again.