For every problem, collecting data can aid in problem determination and save time resolving Freshdesk problem tickets.

Gathering this data before calling Blueworx Support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.

Resolving the problem

Collecting MustGather data early, even before opening the ticket, helps Blueworx Support quickly determine if:
  • Symptoms match known problems (rediscovery).
  • There is a non-defect problem that can be identified and resolved.
  • There is a defect that identifies a workaround to reduce severity.
  • Locating root cause can speed development of a code fix.

MustGather: Readme first table of contents:

 Gathering general information
 Gathering component specific information
 Submitting information to Blueworx Support

Gathering general information

Refer to the MustGather document for Blueworx Voice Response for details of general information that should be collected.

Gathering component specific information

If you have any of the components below installed follow the instructions in the table or in the associated MustGather document:

Unified Messaging
  • Please collect file /usr/lpp/dirTalk/db/current_dir/ca/ini/MessageCenter.ini and send along with all other data you have collected.

  • Login as the Voice Response userid (usually dtuser)
  • Collect the ss7Problem data by typing "ss7Problem -l3"
  • Send the output file /tmp/ss7Problem to Blueworx.

Submitting information to Blueworx Support

After a problem ticket is open, you can submit diagnostics to Blueworx using Freshdesk:

  1. Navigate to the Blueworx Freshdesk page (
  2. Sign in to your Freshdesk user profile.
  3. Click on the Tickets tab.
  4. Select the request ticket you want to attach the data to.
  5. Uodate the comment field and click on 'Attach' at the bottom of the display to attach data files.