Customers have experienced problems related to the hostname after loading a mksysb from a different system. These problems include:

  1. Blueworx Voice Response startup fails on fscheck routine
  2. DB2 does not start correctly: DB2 is not started from /etc/inittab. When a user tries to start Blueworx Voice Response, DB2 error SQL1031N - State= 58031 is returned.


The hostname is used for DB2 V8 configuration as well as Blueworx Voice Response internal database records.


  1. The customer should first review and follow the information from Blueworx Voice Response publication Installation, Chapter 6, section "Copying a configuration on to another pSeries computer " for instructions on how to configure the new system and ensure no hostname references still exist from the previous system which the system image was taken from.

    After the mksysb image has been loaded onto the target pSeries computer and the TCPIP hostname has been changed, it is essential to run the $VAETOOLS/fsupdate command.

  2. The DB2 configuration file /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/db2nodes.cfg must also be updated to ensure that the hostname matches the target machine. The hostname is reference within this file as:

    0 <myhostname> 0

    where myhostname matches the output from the AIX hostname command being run on
    the target machine.

  3. If there is a direct reference to the system IP address in the $DTJ_DIR/default.cff, it should be updated accordingly. Otherwise, there is no impact to the Blueworx Voice Response runtime by changing the IP address itself.