Support for Blueworx Resource Manager (BRM) on BVR AIX has been added to:

BVR AIX can now connect to Blueworx Resource Manager to enable centralized management of BVR license keys across a distributed environment.

BRM is a Blueworx component that can be used by both BVR AIX and BVR Linux for channel license management. A single BRM can be used to manage channel licenses across multiple BVR AIX and BVR Linux servers.

Four new configuration options have been added to the Configuration —> System Configuration  > Browse/Change > General section.

  • Use Licensing Server - to turn on/off the use of BRM as a licensing server
  • Licensing Server Address - IP address of the BRM server
  • Licensing Server Port - Port of the BRM server
  • Max Licenses From Server - Maximum number of licenses to request from the server. This is used to limit the BVR either because the BRM does not have a full 480 channels, or the BVR machine is not powerful enough to run 480 channels.

Any changes to the configuration we require BVR to be restarted. When using BRM as a licensing server the bvr.key must be installed onto the BRM machine (using the BRM's system identifier).

For more information, refer to the BVR 7 for AIX documentation at the following URL:

And for more details on the new configuration System parameters :
Use Licensing Server

Licensing Server Address

Licensing Server Port

Max Licenses From Server