Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 for AIX Fix Pack 3 is available (fix level


The Fix Pack contains the following new enhancements:
  • Extended Brooktrout TR1034 Fax card support - Blueworx Voice Response now supports the 4-channel and 16-channel versions of these cards as well as the 30-channel version.
  • State Table MRCP TTS support - State Table applications can now use an MRCP Voice Server for text-to-speech.
  • SIP Stack Auto Restart - in the event of the SIP stack crashing, Blueworx Voice Response will now automatically restart it in order to bring the system back to a working state.
  • ECMAScript 1.7 support - VoiceXML and CCXML applications can now be configured to use ECMAScript 1.7 for their scripts. By default, the existing ECMAScript 1.3 implementation is used.
  • Bargein type=dtmf_only - Provides a method for VoiceXML prompts in a speech-enabled application to restrict the method of bargein to be DTMF only, rather than both Speech and DTMF.
  • Multiple grammar result contexts support - Blueworx Voice Response now supports the use of speech grammars that return multiple interpretations of the recognition with contextual information in the form of named slot arrays for speech recognition in VoiceXML applications.
  • CCXML latest version - CCXML has been updated to conform to the Proposed Recommendation of the CCXML specification, located at

When starting Blueworx Voice Response after applying this PTF, you will be prompted to accept a new licence agreement.

Download Information
The Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 Fix Pack 3 is available at the following link in the Blueworx FTP site:
Download the Fix Pack 3 for Blueworx Voice Response

For more information on the feature enhancements in Fix Pack 3, refer to the Blueworx Product Information Center at the following URLs: