Unified Messaging supports the use of MRCP speech technologies for text-to-speech (TTS).


With the update PTF dirTalk.UM.rte, Unified Messaging supports the use of MRCP speech technologies for text-to-speech, for example, to read a subscriber's remote POP/IMAP email messages. TTS is enabled through the use of the MRCP for State Tables (MST) custom server, which was added to Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 in Fix Pack 3. Only MRCP-compliant products supported by Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 will work with MST.

To configure Unified Messaging to use MST, you must complete the following steps:
  • Ensure that you have upgraded to fix level or above of Unified Messaging, and run the UM_ptf_mgr command.
  • Upgrade BVR V6.1 to at least Fix Pack 3 (fix level For further information on Fix Pack 3, see TechNote: https://support.blueworx.com/a/solutions/articles/48000984745
  • Install the MST custom server. (See "Installing MRCP for State Tables" in the BVR V6.1 Information Center for details of how to do this.)
  • Configure the MST custom server to point to your MRCP Speech Server. (See "Configuring MRCP for state tables" in the BVR V6.1 information center). You must configure your speech server with one of the following engine names: ttsen_US (US English), ttsfr_FR (French), ttsde_DE (German), or ttsen_GB (UK English), depending on what language Unified Messaging is configured for. If you have not configured Unified Messaging for one of these languages, use the ttsen_US engine name.
  • Set the TTS engine in the Global Variables section of the IMC_MessageCenter.ini file, as follows:
    [Global Variables]

To test by having MST read a subscriber's email:

  • Set up the mail server properties for the subscriber for whom you want to enable remote email messages.
  • Ensure that you have started the IMC_POP3_Client and IMC_IMAP4_Client custom servers.

Unified Messaging will now read any remote email messages using MRCP for State Tables.