Unified Messaging systems which are being migrated from Blueworx Voice Response version 4.2 to Blueworx Voice Response version 6.1 with IBM DB2 version 9.5 may experience the following warning when running DTdatabase -m:

SQL1349W An external NOT FENCED routine was encountered by db2ckmig or during database migration. During database migration, all external NOT FENCED routines are altered to FENCED and NOT THREADSAFE. Refer to 'alter_unfenced_DTDBV230.lst' for the list of routines affected.

This error is caused by optimizations that were made to the database to increase the reliability of message waiting indicators (MWI).


In order to avoid this error you must run the mwi_config utility with the parameters -U -A -M to remove the optimizations (user defined triggers), and to allow the database migration to complete without such warnings:

  1. As the Voice Response user (dtuser by default) run:
    mwi_config -U -A -M
    (The -U parameter removes the dependence on user defined triggers, the -A and -M parameters simply avoid running other operations which are not required at this time for the migration to complete.)
  2. Run the DTdatabase migrate command as root user:
    DTdatabase -m
  3. After DTdatabase -m has completed you must run mwi_config again to restore the optimizations for your system. For example, if you only want to turn on the message waiting indicator for 10 digit numbers, and want to send an update every time a new message is left, run the mwi_config with these parameters:
    mwi_config -every -l 10 -only

NOTE: If you still have a DB2 errors occuring during these steps, try running the attached del_um_mwi_trig script, as dtuser, before running the DTdatabase -m command again.

Please see the Unified Messaging Administrator’s Guide for further details.