The License User Management (LUM) tool i4blt returns error CLN-83 or CLN-84 when the admin attempts to enroll the Blueworx Voice Response 6.1 licenses.


The i4blt tool returns with either CLN-83: (CR) Incorrect target in password", or CLN-84: (CR) Invalid password or vendor incorrect.


Blueworx Voice Response 4.2 has the prerequisite of License User Management (LUM) of (ifor_ls.base.cli During the migration to BVR 6.1, a newer version of LUM (ifor_ls.base.cli is required. The previous LUM database or setup may not be converted all correctly.

Resolving the problem

The following steps can remove the existing LUM database before a clean setup for Blueworx Voice Response licenses via LUM:
  1. stop the LUM process
    i4cfg -stop
  2. remove LUM database files
    cd /usr/opt/ifor/ls/conf
    rm *.dat
    rm *.log
    rm *.idx

System admin can now follow the Blueworx Voice Response 6.1 Information Center section Configuring your system for License Use Management

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