After a fresh BVR 6.1 installation, VRBE_XML environment fails to start


The following error is reported:
Running the PlexManager to start the LocalHost ...
[date | time] E DTJ3006 Java JVM version is not a valid option
WARNING. Incorrect Java version detected. Please contact Blueworx support for assistance


Java6.sdk fix level is not compatible with the current BVR fix level.

Diagnosing the problem

Check software fix levels with commands:-

lslpp -L "Java6.sdk"
lslpp -L "dirTalk.VRBE_XML.rte"

This failure will happen if the Java6.sdk fix level is higher than and dirTalk.VRBE_XML.rte fix level is below

Resolving the problem

For systems with Java6 SR7 or higher, Blueworx Voice Response VRBE_XML component APAR IZ68709 is required. The customer can download and install from the Fix list for Blueworx Voice Response 6.1.

Please note Java 6 SR7 or higher is the prerequisite for APAR IZ68709.

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