Are there any hints and tips to avoid known issues when migrating Blueworx Voice Response from Version 4.2 to 6.1?


NoteThis Technote is not a replacement for the Migration Information in the Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 Information Center. This Technote is aimed to summarize some of the known issues that can be avoided with planning and preparation.

Before migration

Run saveDT to back up current data

  • If you plan to save your current data with saveDT tool from BVR V4.2, ensure the fileset dirTalk.DT.rte is at or higher.
  • Follow the extra steps for restoring system parameters to prepare for saveDT or manual backup of the System Parameter database file ($SYSPARM_DIR/
  • The saveDT program will backup the VRBE configuration database ($DTJ_DIR/default.cff and $DTJ_DIR/ After restoring the 4.2 data with restoreDT program, run dtjconf command to validate and update the VRBE configuration.

Operating System

Java version 

Installing / upgrading DB2

  • If SMIT installation failed with DB2 error, check this DB2 DBI1087 error and solution technote.
  • If DB2 V9.5 is installed but at a level lower than, follow the technote for Fix Pack upgrade.

License User Management configuration (i4blt)

Install MRCP plug-in 

  • The VRNode may fail to start if the VRBE configuration has references to TTSService or RecoService on a newly installed Blueworx Voice Response V6.1 system. This error will prevent the post install script from finishing the required VRBE import. Follow the solution for DTJ3017 to complete the setup.

Incoming_Call state table

  • Some customers have updated the Incoming_Call state table to include the special setup on answering incoming calls. For example, changes are required to receive DNIS from Avaya Converse connection.
    The state table Incoming_Call is backed up by the saveDT program. If another migration path is taken, manual change to the state table is required.