In order for customers to ensure their compliance with license terms, Blueworx Voice Response has now been updated with a different License Use Management (LUM) system, a more modern approach to managing active channels. This change applies to following fix updates:

The system will now require a software key to ensure that a Blueworx Voice Response system uses only licensed channels.  The key is unique to each specific system and must be generated by a Blueworx support representative.  This new level of management provides customers and Blueworx with coverage to ensure that all licenses have been purchased and that customer systems remain in compliance.

After installing BVR 7 for AIX, BVR 6.1 for AIX or BVR for Linux 7.2.2, you will need to follow the step-by-step instructions at:

Contact our support team who will generate a unique software key for your system. A software key looks similar to this:


Licenses can be used on any system; however, a License Key can only be used on the system they were generated for.  If you wish to move your licenses to a different system you will need to contact Blueworx Support and provide the System Identifier of the new system and a new License KEY will be generated for that system.