These notes enable a person skilled in AIX and Blueworx Voice Response to update an existing Blueworx Voice Response for AIX installation to DB2 fixpack 17. Some of the actions may need a few minutes to complete.

Note that these instructions can also be used for fixpack 14 or 16.

Resolving the problem

  1. When logged on as the Blueworx Voice Response userid (normally dtuser), stop Blueworx Voice Response by typing the command:

  2. Log in as root and su to dtdb23in by typing:
    su or login root
    su - dtdb23in

  3. Stop db2 by typing:
    . /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/db2profile
    db2 force applications all
    db2 terminate
    db2licd –end

    If, following any of the above commands, the following error message occurs:
    SQL1092N "DTDB23IN" does not have the authority to perform the requested command.
    This may be a known AIX problem. If you are using AIX 5.3, APAR IY89861 may be required.

  4. Become root again by typing the command:

  5. Stop the DB2 fault monitor if running by typing two commands:
    /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/bin/db2fmcu –d
    Ignore this error message if it occurs:-
    Error deleting entry from /etc/inittab: Failed to lock the registry
    /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/bin/db2fm –D
    Ignore this error message if it occurs:
    /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/bin/db2fm return non-zero rc, please see log

  6. Clean up by typing the commands:
    su - dtdb23in -c /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/bin/ipclean

  7. Change to your DB2 fixpack 17 install directory, which is likely to be similar to that used in the following command:
    cd /local/db2_v8/fp17/fixpak.s061108

  8. At this point you may choose to commit any previous DB2 fixpacks to free up filesystem space.

  9. Install the fixpack (this will take some time) by typing:
    ./installFixPak -a –y

  10. For convenience, reset the current directory by typing:

  11. Perform post-install configuration, by typing:
    /usr/opt/db2_08_01/instance/db2iupdt dtdb23in

  12. Update and bind files in DB2 by typing the following commands:
    su - dtdb23in
    db2updv8 -d dtdbv230
    db2 terminate
    db2 connect to dtdbv230
    db2 bind /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/bnd/@db2ubind.lst BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLIC

    Some error messages may display which end with the following messages:
    LINE MESSAGES FOR db2uipkg.bnd
    ------ --------------------------------------------------------------------
    SQL0719N Bind error for user "DTDB23IN". Package "NULLID.SQLUOE00" already exists. SQLSTATE=42710

    LINE MESSAGES FOR db2ubind.lst
    ------ --------------------------------------------------------------------
    SQL0082C An error has occurred which has terminated processing.
    SQL0091N Binding was ended with "17" errors and "1" warnings.
    The messages are expected and can be ignored.

    Continue by typing:
    db2 bind /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/bnd/@db2cli.lst   BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLIC

    An error message may display similar to the following. It can also be ignored.
    LINE MESSAGES FOR db2cli.lst
    ------ -------------------------------------------------------------------
    SQL0061W The binder is in progress.
    SQL0092N No package was created because of previous errors.
    SQL0091N Binding was ended with "1" errors and "0" warnings.

  13. Terminate and stop DB2 by typing:
    db2 terminate

  14. Change user back to root by typing:

  15. Finally, reboot by typing:
    shutdown –r