Building a Foundation for Dynamic Contact Center Infrastructure Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Leveraging real-time data analytics enables a faster, more precise and effective ability to make decisions over those evaluations made with conventional data reporting. Today, Contact Centers must ensure that they are gathering and analyzing data at a fast pace in order to deliver on the ever-changing customer demands. The amount of data that is being collected from the contact center can be overwhelming and how to take advantage of that data for improving each and every customer interaction is even more challenging. That is why Blueworx continues to focus on developing key integration points for new services from artificial intelligence like IBM Watson to delivering a foundation that can enhance the delivery, collection and ability to report on key metrics and activities.

New Release of Blueworx Voice Response 7.6 for Linux

Blueworx Voice Response version 7.6 introduces a new communications infrastructure that forms the foundation for continued development around event management and reporting.
The event manager offers a new approach to the distribution, storage and sharing of events from various Blueworx components. These broadcasted events are received from an entire cluster and delivered to various applications using a high-performance Producer-Consumer Event Pipe powered by Apache Kafka.


  • Call Detail Records (CDRs):  Records are streamed into the Event Pipe enabling multiple consumers to process CDRs.
  • Consumers:  Consumers of the streamed data can be developed to store the event data safely in a distributed, replicated, fault-tolerant cluster.
  • Multiple consumers:  Multiple consumers can take action on the same event, so alarm events may be of interest to a consumer that logs alarms and another consumer that pages out an engineer.
  • Real-Time Data View:  Streamed events from the cluster provide a real-time view of activity and performance.

Enabling Customized Development of Consumers

As part of the flexible infrastructure of the Blueworx platform, Consumers can be easily developed by customers to integrate with 3rd party analytics, databases, visualizations, etc.  This enables customers to customize data reporting, monitoring actions and general management of performance that is specific to their solutions.  Blueworx has also developed sample Consumers which offers guideline for development, complete with source code to illustrate how to develop Consumers for Blueworx.

Please see our updated documentation to understand how you can take advantage of this new feature: Apache Kafka Overview

Further information on the benefits of using Apache Kafka for our Event Pipe can be found at