Blueworx Voice Response V4.2 supports the latest Power 6 hardware


Blueworx Voice Response for AIX, V4.2 supports the latest Power 6 hardware


Blueworx Voice Response for AIX, V4.2 now supports the Power 6 520 and 550 servers when used with DTTA telephony adapters. In particular, the 520 and 550 servers can be configured to use DTTA adapters (maximum 2) installed within the system units, and both servers can be configured to utilise DTTA adapters installed within an attached 7311-D20 external I/O drawer. The 7311-D20 drawer greatly expands PCI card slot availability (7 slots), particularly when used across LPARs.

A maximum of 2 x BVR LPARs can exist on any Power 6 system. When a 7311-D20 drawer is used, the maximum number of DTTA adapters would thus be 4 x DTTA on the 1st LPAR and 3 x DTTA's on the 2nd LPAR if one drawer is used, increasing to the maximum of 4 + 4 if two drawers are used

To repeat some previous BVR LPAR guidance:-
  • Although AIX Power systems, in general, can host many LPAR's, any given system is limited to a maximum of two LPAR's hosting BVR.
  • One or two additional 7133-D20 I/O drawers may be required to attach to a system in order to provide sufficient slots for BVR hardware adapters and any other adapters used by the system or LPARs.
  • Where a BVR instance uses more than one hardware adapter (DTTA), all the adapters must be physically linked with a H.100 cable, and hence must reside in the same system or I/O drawer, ideally in adjacent slots.
  • Where a system is hosting two BVR LPARs, the adapters of each BVR LPAR are separate and require separate H.100 cables.
  • Virtualisation and micro-partitioning in BVR LPARs is not supported. This limitation means that each BVR LPAR requires its own communications adapter (eg Ethernet), a disk adapter (eg SCSI) as well as its own physical disk(s).
  • It is strongly recommended that NO other applications are run in the same LPAR (or system, if LPAR is not used), as BVR.
  • It is strongly recommended that any LPAR hosting BVR should have at least 2 dedicated processors (cores), especially where production loads are envisaged. If the adapter less SIP/DTNA BVR solution is used, or if a 7311-D20 drawer is attached, this (a minimum of 2 dedicated processors per LPAR) is mandatory.

All Power 6 variant machines, including Power blades and the Power 570 server, can be used for BVR adapter less SIP-based systems utilising the BVR DTNA software solution.