Support for MRCPv2 on BVR AIX has been added to:

As part of our continuous drive to expand the capabilities of the Blueworx platform we are pleased to announce that Blueworx Voice Response for AIX has been enhanced to include support for the MRCP v2 protocol for connecting to ASR and TTS speech servers.

This update works alongside the existing MRCP v1 support.


The same as for MRCP v1.  See here for more details:


The MRCP v2 support is shipped as a plugin and is configured in default.cff in the same way as the MRCP v1 support.  The following keywords need to be set for the RecoService and TTSService respectively:


PluginClass needs to be:

InitSessionString should point to the MRCPv2 server, for example:


PlginClass needs to be:

InitSessionString should point to an MRCPv2 server, for example:

It is also possible to modify some more low level configuration parameters to do with the SIP code used for MRCP session initiation.  These settings are all made using the InitTechnologyString keyword.  They are explained in more detail in the BVR documentation but are listed here for reference along with their default values.  The list of parameters in the InitSessionString keyword are comma separated as in the following example: