Blueworx Voice Response version 7.9 includes enhancements to significantly improve security and extend CCXML support.

Increased Platform Security

  • Secure SIP support for inbound and outbound calls
  • Secure SIP support for MRCP and IBM Voice Gateway connectivity
  • Secure RTP support for all streaming audio
  • Support HTTPS encrypted communication to web servers for application resource fetching
  • Support HTTPS encrypted communication to the Centralised Outbound Calling API
  • Logging enhancements to allow the platform to be configured to obscure sensitive information such as recognition results and DTMF keys from the BVR logs and traces

For further information see Security

CCXML Enhancements

  • CCXML support to allow DTMF key presses to be detected in the CCXML application as well as in the VXML application. For further details see CCXML DTMF Support
  • Full support for the dtmfclamp attribute of the CCXML join tag, to allow DTMF clamping to be enabled or disabled during bridged calls.

Other Enhancements