Enhancements for logon security on Unified Messaging have been added to:

The enhancements added are:

  • The IMC_Password custom server has been updated to read a list of not allowed pin numbers. The file is checked when a user attempts to change their password. This function will only occur if the file $CUR_DIR\ca\ini\passwords_not_allowed.ini is present, if not then processing will be as before. A new file $CUR_DIR\ca\ini\passwords_not_allowed.ini.sample has been shipped to act as a sample for the creation of this file.

    Note: the IMC_Password custom server must be restarted for any changes in this file to take affect.

  • The state tables that record user greetings and audio names have been updated to prevent the recording of audio tones in these greeting and names. If a DTMF key is entered then recording will stop.