Integration with Amazon Speech services

Blueworx Voice Response version 7.12 adds direct integration with two of the Amazon AWS speech services. Amazon Polly for TTS and Amazon Lex for voice activated chat bots.

Amazon TTS using Polly

  • BVR VXML applications can now use the Amazon Polly TTS service:
  • Acts as a direct replacement for an MRCP TTS service with no application changes needed.
  • Configured as a call feature using the Blueworx Admin Manager.
  • Enables the same TTS voice to be used when integrating VXML applications with Amazon Lex chat bots.

For further information see Parameters for TTS_POLLY Call Feature

Amazon Lex Bot integration

BVR applications can now seamlessly integrate with Amazon Lex, enabling a blend of traditional VXML IVR applications with chat bots running on Amazon Lex.

  • Integration is through the CCXML dialogstart functionality.
  • Includes support for voice bargein, allowing a caller to interrupt a Lex prompt and provide input.
  • CCXML application can seamlessly transition between VXML and Lex Bot applications

For further information seeĀ Integration with Amazon Lex