Blueworx Voice Response version 7.10 includes support for full call recording via SIPREC along with improvements to the networking configuration.

SIPREC support

Blueworx Voice Response can now act as a SIPREC client.

  • Allows full call recording of both inbound and outbound audio when using a 3rd party SIPREC server
  • Enables IBM Watson to listen in on a call with an agent or IVR through use of the SIPREC server provided in IBM Voice Gateway

For more information, see here: Recording calls using SIPREC

Network support

  • Enhanced support for multiple network interfaces in the BVR component: Multiple Network Interfaces
  • BVR now supports DNS SRV records for URIs when making outbound SIP requests (such as outbound calls or MRCPv2 session initiation).

    Note: Configuration of the SRV record is performed on the DNS server rather than on BVR:

    Note: Failover is not supported using DNS SRV, it is simply used as a mechanism to distribute load. Therefore only records using the lowest priority value will be used.