If an attempt is made to uninstall prerequisites of BVR 6.1, such as Java, this might cause an issue where the BVR adapter is removed from the machine's configuration. This can even occur in preview mode.

There are two possible situations, and whilst the first does not cause a problem, the second will result in BVR failing to start up again correctly.

  1. The smitty or installp command is run whilst BVR is still running. In this situation the following error message is logged:

    EE Entry Time: Tue Jun 11 14:03:27 2019
    VoIP Media (UPA) Internal Failure
     sequence = 6199 csec = 93 error_id = 29800
     asi_id = 1 appl_id = 56 error_no = -1
     severity = RED vpd_discr = VAE module_id = GENVAE
     assoc_cls = NONE alarm_thr = 0 assoc_alm = 0
     appl name = VOIP_SVC
    parameter type parameter value
     -------------------- ---------- --------------------
     Function string DTNA Error
     Message string DTNA Driver (ddvnaio) reported hard error
     File string Function: vna_config
     Line string 426
     Parm1 string Adapt/Pack/Channel: = -/-/--
     Parm2 string Trace ID = 0x40000000
     Parm3 string Attempt to terminate driver when still open
     Parm4 string

    In this case BVR continues to function as normal and the error message can be ignored.

  2. The smitty or installp command is run whilst BVR is not running and output similar to this is logged:

    # installp -ugp Java6.sdk
    installp PREVIEW: deinstall operation will not actually occur.
     Pre-deinstall Verification...
    Verifying selections...done
    Verifying requisites...dtline0 deleted
    0518-307 odmdelete: 1 objects deleted.
    0518-307 odmdelete: 0 objects deleted.
     Filesets listed in this section passed pre-deinstall verification 
     and will be removed. 
     Selected Filesets 
     Java6.sdk # Java SDK 32-bit 
     Filesets listed in this section depend on one or more of the selected 
     filesets (listed above) and, therefore, must also be removed. 
     devices.dirTalk.BrooktroutFax.rte # Brooktrout fax Adapter Software 
     devices.dirTalk.artic960.rte # Digital Trunk Quad Adapter (... 
     devices.dirTalk.artic960.ucode # Digital Trunk Quad Adapter (... 
     dirTalk.ADSI # Voice Response ADSI Custom S... 
     dirTalk.BrooktroutFax.rte # Voice Response BrooktroutFax.. 
     dirTalk.DT.db # Voice Response Data Files 
     dirTalk.DT.dms # Voice Response Data Manageme... # Voice Response Help 
     dirTalk.DT.rte # Voice Response Run Time Envi... 
     dirTalk.DT.sample # Voice Response Samples 
     dirTalk.DT.ucode # Voice Response Microcode 
     dirTalk.GEOTEL # Voice Response GeoTel Custom... 
     dirTalk.ISDN.ATT # Voice Response ISDN feature ... 
     dirTalk.ISDN.DMS100 # Voice Response ISDN feature ... 
     dirTalk.ISDN.Euro-ISDN # Voice Response ISDN feature ... 
     dirTalk.ISDN.INS1500 # Voice Response ISDN feature ... # Voice Response ISDN 
     dirTalk.SP.de_DE # Voice Response System Prompt... 
     dirTalk.SP.en_GB # Voice Response System Prompt... 
     dirTalk.SP.fr_FR # Voice Response System Prompt... 
     dirTalk.SP.it_IT # Voice Response System Prompt... 
     dirTalk.SP.nl_BE # Voice Response System Prompt... 
     dirTalk.SP.pt_BR # Voice Response System Prompt... 
     dirTalk.SpeechClient # Voice Response Speech Client 
     dirTalk.TDD # Voice Response TDD 
     dirTalk.VOIP_SIP # Voice Response VOIP feature ... 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.VRnode.rte # WVR Beans VRnode Run Time 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.VRnode.samples # WVR Beans VRnode Samples 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.ca_ES # WVR Beans Language Pack ca_ES 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.de_DE # WVR Beans Language Pack de_De 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.en_GB # WVR Beans Language Pack en_GB 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.en_US # WVR Beans Language Pack en_US 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.es_ES # WVR Beans Language Pack es_ES 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.es_MX # WVR Beans Language Pack es_MX 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.fr_CA # WVR Beans Language Pack fr_CA 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.fr_FR # WVR Beans Language Pack fr_FR 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.it_IT # WVR Beans Language Pack it_IT 
     dirTalk.VRBE_XML.rte # WVR Beans Run Time 
     << End of Success Section >> 
     1 Selected to be deinstalled, of which: 
     1 Passed pre-deinstall verification 
     38 Additional dependents to be automatically deinstalled 
     39 Total to be deinstalled 
    One or more of the selected filesets will cause a bosboot to be performed. 
    The bosboot command will rebuild the boot image. As a result it may be 
    necessary to reboot your system for the changes to take effect. 
    It is recommended that you reboot the system as soon as possible 
    after the installation of this software to avoid disruption of 
    current functionality. 
    End of installp PREVIEW. No deinstall operation has actually occurred. 

    In this case it can be seen that the dtline0 resource has been incorrectly deleted. To check if the resource has been deleted, run:
    lsdev -C | egrep "vna|dtline"

    If the result is blank, then the adapter has been deleted. Once this occurs BVR will fail to start correctly and the telephony adapters will not be created.


Running smitty/installp, even with preview, executes the /usr/lpp/devices.dirTalk.artic960/deinstl/devices.dirTalk.artic960.rte.pre_d script as it has an indirect dependency on Java 5 & Java 6.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this situation, simply add the missing adapter back again by performing the following commands as root user:

. /usr/lpp/dirTalk/tools/vae.setenv
dt_setowner -n -s 0 -t E1