Release 7.21

Blueworx Voice Response 7.21 adds several new features to the platform including:
  • Integration with a Dialogflow Virtual Assistant through VXML and CCXML applications.
  • Improvements to the Virtual Assistant data structures used by the platform.
  • Updates to the SIP proxy support.
  • More granularity in configuring call limits.

Virtual Assistant Integration with Dialogflow

Blueworx Voice Response 7.21 adds functionality to allow a VoiceXML application to interact directly with a Dialogflow Virtual Assistant, allowing for a direct alternative to an MRCP speech server for ASR and TTS capability when using VoiceXML. Also included is fuctionality to pass control to a Dialogflow Virtual Assistant from a CCXML application using the CCXML dialogstart transition.

This feature is a continuation of our drive to provide access to multiple AI vendors through all IVR application models in Blueworx Voice Response.

  • Can fully replace Nuance/Lumenvox as an ASR provider within VoiceXML.
  • Provides full "tier 4" speech capability.
  • VoiceXML support allows “what comes next” business logic and managing complex application state to be performed within the VoiceXML application rather than in the Virtual Assistant. Uses a custom grammar format to drive the Virtual Assistant and custom response data from the Virtual Assistant, while still supporting standards compliant VoiceXML.
  • CCXML support gives full control of the dialog to the Dialogflow Virtual Assistant whilst allowing call control within the Blueworx Platform.

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Improve Virtual Assistant data structure format

  • There is now a custom_vars structure which is a platform agnostic way to send custom variables to the Virtual Assistant
  • context is now considered platform specific as different Virtual Assistant implementations use this differently. It will still behave in exactly the same way as it did for Watson Assistant.
  • New variable message_text added, which is a simple way to get the Virtual Assistant's response message without having to work through message structures or check array sizes.

For further information see the following:

Integration with Virtual Assistants

SIP Proxy Mode Option

New mode option for SIP proxies to allow easy use of tel: URIs when making outbound calls from the Blueworx Platform.

For further information see the following:

SIP Proxies Panel

Call Limits

Added the ability to limit the number of calls an Application can handle to go alongside the pre existing options to assign a call limit to an Application Mapping.

For further information see the following:

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